Selection Procedure

Selection prcess

This process starts after vacancies are announced in widely read newspapers & social media network. The following sequence is followed:

  1. Online Collection of CVs
  2.  Shortlisting
  3. Detailed forms and terms and conditions are provided to shortlisted candidates
  4. Forms duly filled in are received with clear HD [High Definition] picture, reviewed & evaluated by ARC against criteria as given to us by overseas client.
  5.  Successful candidates are interviewed.
  6. ARC prepares and forward evaluation and recommendation reports to the clients
  7. Client may take F2F [Face to Face] or telephonic interviews
  8. Final selection is made by our client and notified to us.
  9.  Candidate is informed, an undertaking with Terms and Conditions is signed by them, 50% Visa processing cost deposited with ARC and processing starts.
  10. Candidate gets Arabic Translation and verification of his / her degrees certificates from concerned authorities.

ARC helps and assists outstation candidates and arrange this service from 3rd party at actual cost + 20% basis.

For the skilled manpower, where necessary technical tests are conducted from independent / registered 3rd party testing agencies which can also be monitored / witnessed by the client’s representatives or video recorded for their review.

The recruitment is carried out purely on merit and in open competition, on suitability-cum-fitness.

Highly qualified, proven experienced and professional candidates are only interviewed and selected based on their merits and full-filling selection criteria of the clients.

The manpower is selected against the vacancies announced in the Social Media, newspapers, collection of CVs, interviews in major cities, preparation of evaluation reports against interviews.

Final selection is carried out by the clients after their review of the evaluation reports forwarded to them. However the requirements procedure may vary from client to client and position to position.

For the key posts the delegates of the clients may conduct interviews while for the low level jobs our manager recruitment carry out the interviews and evaluations. Final selection of all the candidates is carried out by the clients.