Recruitment procedure

Requirement Procedure All candidates are required to submit their updated CVs in MS Word format online at link

Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment procedure starts after receiving the following documents from the overseas employer / Company. The procedure of recruitment is simple and starts with preparation of recruitment documents in favor as follows:

  • Permission from the Protector of Emigrant
  • Press Advertisements
  • Interview Calls
  • Final Selection
  • Medical Test
  • Visa Processing
  • Document Attestations
  • Visa Endorsement
  • Nadra Formality
  • Protector of Immigrants
  • Final Registration of Candidates
  • Briefing and Orientation
  • Ticketing and Emigration
  • Visa Processing
  • Seat Confirmation & Departure
  • Documents Collection from Candidate

Our Terms & Conditions

The Government of Pakistan has set up few legal terms and conditions that have to be followed up by ARC:

  1. Period of Contract Minimum one year.
  2. Probation Period 90 days or as per the labor laws of the country.
  3. Accommodation Free of cost bachelor accommodation (not tents) must be provided by employer with lectricity, water, gas and bedding.
  4. Transportation: Free transport is to be provided by the employer from residence to work place.
  5. Vacation leave per year as per labor laws of the host country.
  6. Illness leave per year as per labor laws of the host country.
  7. Dead Bodies Dispatch to dead bodies or evacuation due to serious injury will be made to Pakistan at employer’s expenses.

The Recruitment Procedure…From Sourcing To Mobilisation

How Do We Get The Right Person?

  • Initial identification
  • Our cv databank
  • Advertisements
  • Districts employment and manpower offices
  • Specialized agencies
  • Workers welfare associations
  • Industrial training institutes
  • Vocational /professional centers
  • Headhunting
  • Online registration thru our website


We release periodic Advertisements in leading dailies in the countries where ARC has its offices. The response, we receive by way of CVS is then fed into our updated database, category wise.

Hence, we have a vast resource in our databank, both candidates using effective communication modes like emails, telephones, personal visit we achieve the client deadlines.

Screening Process

Based on the requirements of personnel/manpower from our clients, we go through our database and our website and pull out the resumes of the candidates as per the clients specifications based on the qualifications, experience, exposures, specific skills requirements, language skills, health & medical requirements.

All our offices located in various countries do this process simultaneously.

Once the initial process of sourcing the relevant resumes is over, our team than double checks the same along with the supporting documents pertaining to qualification, experience, reference checks and the travel documents.

Subsequently the candidates are called to our offices for personal interviews and are evaluated for their basic skills, physical & mental health, job qualification skills, language proficiency etc…

Our branch offices send reports to the Head Office with the availability of the potential prospects together with the CVs.

Our project team, comprising of qualified and experienced technical personnel from various disciplines like Medical, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and Marine Engineers to Catering Managers, then further screens the CVS and invite only those candidates who meet our clients requirement for the preliminary interview to our office and for the practical tests [for skilled labor only] at 3rd party independent Trade Centers, if required by the client.

Testing Procedures

After the preliminary interview with our project team, the short listed candidates are sent for a Trade Test, and his practical and theoretical knowledge is evaluated by a panel of Engineers at the Trade Centre along with our team.

Based on the grade obtained by the candidates in the Trade Test, the CVS of the candidates along with our evaluation and the trade test results are sent to our client for their review, evaluation and approval.

ARC has its own out-sourced trade test facilities and also tie ups with various technical institutions and training centers where we normally conduct trade tests of the candidates for various categories like Welders, Mechanics, Pipe Fabricators, Fitters, Structural Welders, High Pressure Welders, TIG Welders, Mill Wright Fitters, Aluminum Fabricators, Plumbers, Masons, Carpenters, Electricians, Cable Jointers, Spray/Sandblaster Painters, Machinists…to name a few.


The documents of the medically fit candidates are handed over to the employer/client to arrange for the necessary work permits/visas/NOC.for the candidate to commence employment. On receipt of the same from the employer, ARC assists the candidates in getting the required clearances like immigration, endorsement, ticket confirmation…etc. and ensures that the prospect selected candidates are mobilized at the earliest.

Selection Procedure

All the short listed candidates’ applications are sent to the client if desired or retained with ARC for the interview and final selection by the client.

The employers or their representatives will carry out the interviews and trade tests if required and do the final selection, for which ARC provides the necessary assistance and logistic support like issuance of interview cards, arranging a suitable venue for the interviews, arrangements for conducting written and practical trade tests if required.

ARC also arranges telephonic interviews for the employers to interact directly with the short listed candidates and provide expert services for highly technical jobs.

ARC prefers that the final selection be done by the employer/client or by their authorized representative directly.

For those who are hard pressed for time, ARC do provide F2F [Face to face] VIDEO CONFERENCING whereby the prospects are invited to ARC CORPORATE OFFICE at the CENTRE to facilitate interviews. For this service, ARC charges are quoted on case-to-case basis.

ARC may also select candidates on behalf of the employers/clients, through its team of experts, if desired by the clients.

Medical Tests

The selected candidates are sent for a medical examination to appointed or authorized Medical Centers. These centers are selected and authorized by the Embassy/Consulate of the employer’s country.