How to | Enter the online recruitment market TIPS for CANDIDATES

Caution: Your CV is your personal data. Our [ARC] advice as a recruiter, with many years’ experience in the clinical research industry, would be to take care where you send your CV and make sure your data is treated with the respect it deserves! The important thing is to be selective.  If you upload your CV at www.alakbani.com/cv  please consider it is in safe hands.

Many Recruitment websites can be confusing, strange places to the inexperienced.  If you are not sure, select an established agency like ARC who has a name in the market and you recognize.  Follow the link to their website and find a contact details. Email or phone them to ask for advice. If the website doesn’t give you information about their recruiters, maybe it is best to give them a miss.

Using the internet is supposed to be speedy and convenient.   However, a common complaint we hear is that sending off a CV to some recruitment databases is like depositing it into a black hole.  Nothing comes back out.

Don’t despair, you have a voice and a dialing finger; there is nothing like making a personal impression in this age of electronic communication.   Use those ‘interpersonal skills’ you have noted that you have in abundance in your personal profile.

When you have made your decision about where to submit your CV, it is useful to the recipient if you send a covering email.  Explain your objectives and whether you can relocate, or not.  Give some indication of your ideal job and your salary expectations.  A thumbnail overview of you is helpful.

Please remember that a lot of recruiters [NOT ARC] are ‘old school’ and modern text language is not a hit with everyone.  Play safe; remember the rules of grammar.  Use upper case ‘I’.  Start your sentences with a capital letter and end with a full stop.  Write in sensible paragraphs.  Check your spelling. (We really don’t wish to patronize, but if you could see some of the applications we receive…..)

A well written, nicely laid out CV and email is one that draws the recruiter’s attention.

To all of you jobseekers, new to using agencies, don’t be persuaded by any agency to give them ‘carte blanche’ to distribute your CV to their clients.  The resulting scattergun effect is not impressive.  Our clients, Leading Hospital, the HR departments of CROs and Pharmaceutical companies alike, simply don’t like it.  Plus, you can inadvertently look desperate.

We have discovered that some of our candidates don’t necessarily understand the nuances of the Healthcare / pharmaceutical recruitment industry in the Pakistan.  It does not go down well to talk to a recruiter for 40 minutes about a particular job with a particular client and to give your permission to have your CV sent to that client when you know full well another agency has already submitted your details!  This does not improve your chances of being considered for the job.

The way through the maze is simple.  Keep control of your CV; make sure you feel happy with the agency you have selected like ARC to represent you.  If you are not, you should be able to withdraw your details from their database on request.

If you are selected for an initial telephone screening with an agency do prepare for it.  Choose a time when you know you can be in a quiet place (undisturbed by boss, children, pneumatic drills etc.) and on a phone line with good reception.  Allow at least 40 minutes.  Don’t keep the recruiter waiting, and please don’t arrange an interview, then pop out to lunch and forget about it!  It is not good for our self-esteem.

Continue to manage the agency you choose – you don’t have to play a passive role. Make sure you know where they are sending your details.  You should always be provided with the name of the company, details of the working environment, the job title and tasks involved, together with the qualifications and experience the client is asking for.  In addition, it is usual to have a full job specification / description that can be emailed to you; although we appreciate some clients don’t always have these to hand. Then, keep a list of where and when your details have been sent, and, by whom.

Do use the expertise and industry knowledge that the recruiter will have - ask us questions.  If you feel that the agencies you are dealing with are overly aggressive, repeatedly suggest inappropriate jobs and push you into making quick decisions – simply ask them not to contact you again.  An ethical and professional agency like ARC will not employ those tactics.

We hope that you have an enjoyable and rewarding recruitment experience – good luck everybody!

01: What are the basic services provided by ARC?
  • Short-listing of Candidates as per criteria specified by Overseas Clients.
  • Complete liaison and coordination between the Client and the Candidates.
  • For outstation candidates, we also arrange interviews on SKYPE / FACETIME [iPad/ iPhone] with our Overseas Clients.
  • When required, arrange for interviews and trade tests for the skilled workers.
  • Resolving clients and employers issues / queries to narrow down for consensus agreement.
  • Arranging Employment Contract from Employer for Candidate’s review, approval and signatures.
  • Complete processing of Employment Visa work at Embassy; seek E# and afixation of Visa Stamp.
  • Complete formalities / permission of Protector of immigrant and stamping on the Passport.
  • Coordinate Candidate’s Travel arrangements and notification to the Employer to greet at the Airport.
02: What are the duties of the selected candidate?
  • Shall timely arrange Arabic Translation, Verification/attestation of all educational, professional degrees from concerned Universities / HEC, Experience certificates [No Gaps in experience] etc. as per attached guidelines. ARC shall not accept any original documents. However, for out-station/ other interested candidates ARC may assist using a 3rd party authorized Agency to perform these services;
  • Candidate to agree and undertake that ARC will not be responsible for any delays/ mistakes by 3rd party. Candidate will have to authorize ARC in writing [email or written] that they will bear 3rd party ACTUAL charges, Agent fee + 20% costs.
  • Candidate shall at own cost arrange Medical fitness Report for self and his / her other family members.
  • Arranges Original NICOP [English] from NADRA.

Normally the applicants are selected by delegation interviews which are held in ARC office or any reputed Hotel, for which the applicants are informed by newspaper advertisement and also by direct contact well in advance [3 to 4 days] to already registered applicants in our databank. We also arrange interviews and trade tests according to requirement of the job and send the resumes of the test qualified candidates to our overseas client by email for final selection. For outstation candidates, we also arrange interviews over SKYPE or FACETIME [iPad / iPhone] with our Clients.

03: What is the process of selection?

Requirement Procedure of Al Akbani Recruitment Consultant [ARC]

All candidates are required to submit their updated CVs in MS Word format online at link www.alakbani.com/cv

Selection Procedure
This process starts after vacancies are announced in widely read newspapers / Social Media.  The following sequence is followed:

a. Online Collection of CVs at the above Link

b. Shortlisting of Candidates

c. Detailed forms and terms and conditions are provided to shortlisted candidates for agreement.

d. Forms duly filled in are received with clear HD [Digh Definition] picture from candidates, reviewed and evaluated by ARC against given criteria.

e. Successful candidates informed are interviewed.

f. ARC prepares and forward evaluation and recommendation reports to the clients

g. Client may take F2F [Face to Face] or telephonic interviews

h. Final selection is made our client and notified to us.

i. Candidate is informed, an undertaking with Terms and Conditions is signed, 50% Visa processing cost deposited with ARC and Visa processing process starts. Balance 50% +    costs is payable after affixing of Visa in the passport but Before Protector of immigrant formalities.

j. Candidate arranges Arabic Translation and verification of his / her degrees from authorities. Those who are out-station or are busy candidates, ARC assists them.

Where necessary technical tests are conducted from independent / registered testing agencies which can also be monitored / witnessed by the client’s representatives.

The recruitment is carried out purely on merits and in an open competition, on suitability cum fitness basis.

Highly qualified, experienced and professional candidates are interviewed and selected based on their merits and full-filling selection criteria given by the clients.

Other skilled Candidates may be required to prove their compatibility through trade tests / interviews. ARC have its own in-house arrangements as well as 3rd party certification centers to conduct the desired technical tests. The manpower is selected against the vacancies announced in the newspapers / social media, collection of CVs, interviews are conducted in major cities, preparation of evaluation reports made against interviews.

Evaluation reports are forwarded to overseas client for Final selection. However the requirements procedure may vary from client to client and position to position.

For the key Jobs the delegates of the clients conduct interviews while for the low level jobs, ARC Management recruitment consultants carry out the interviews and evaluations prepared. Final selection of all the candidates is carried out by the clients.

04: What is the time limit for the selection and completing all process?

Our experience shows that it takes one to six working week to complete whole process. Candidates documentation verification takes much time and therefore onus for its verification lies on Candidates to avoid un-presidented delays.  Please request ARC immigration to provide how and where to get these certificate verified with authorities and its timeline.

But in case of URGENT manpower requirements with all certificates verified and medical examination arranged, this is done on a fast-track basis.



05: Can foreign principal take telephonic interviews of applicants?

Yes it is the option with foreign principal to converse with the candidate over phone and take interview to check his response on skill questions, experience and communication ability.

Candidates are advise to be precise and to the point in telephone interviews.  All Candidates are expected to have English verbal communication ability to express themselves.

06: Is the decision of foreign principal final?

Since they are the one who is employing a candidate for their project, yes, the decision of our foreign Principal (the Employer) will be the final and binding.

07: How long the principal will wait for the successful applicant reply?

After the offer of salary and relevant packages to successful applicant, there will be maximum 5 working days for successful Applicant to convey his / her final decision in writing to ARC. If ARC does not receive a written reply from the Candidate during this period, the employment offer becomes void and he is considered rejected.

In such a situation, this opportunity will be automatically offered to the next candidate in line.

08: What is the normal contract period offered by Foreign Companies?

Various overseas clients have different options to offer.  However, normally it is one year contract.  Having said this, the following Contract options are availed by the different Foreign clients in offering contract period:

a. One Year

b. Two years

c. unlimited [renewed every year based on performance]

Candidates should note that if they fail to perform properly / acceptable to client, they can be immediately terminated during probationary or contract period at their own costs.

Usually all contracts may be renewable after expiry of their period.  However, discretion of its renewal and or allowing yearly salary increments depends on how good he has performed as acceptable to overseas clients.

Clients decision shall be final.



09: When to sign an Agreement / Contract by applicant.

When an Overseas Clients expresses interest in any Candidate and willing to appoint him / her, they send a draft agreement with all the terms and conditions listed in it.

ARC conveys the same terms and conditions / offered package to the candidate for his agreement.  Candidate should let ARC know in writing acceptable / un-acceptable within 5 working days. No response within this period shall be treated as not agreed by the Candidate.

If this is declined/not agreed by the candidate, his candidature is rejected and the job is then offered to another approved candidate in line.

If the candidate agrees, he will have to immediately [within 3 working days] has to deposit initial 50% of the agreed Agency fee at the time of signing the contract.

After completion of this process Visa processing formalities will kick-starts and Candidate is  informed full progress till the Visa is affixed in the passport.  Candidate can also use our Website CONTACT-US form to inquire their Visa or processing status.

10: When to pay for process charges?

There are two milestones for the payment:

a. 50% at the time of signing agreement to kick start visa processing.

b. Balance 50%+visa expenses after affixing of Visa in the Passport but BEFORE Protector of Immigrant process and approvals.

Candidate has to sign a written agreed undertaking with ARC for the above process.

11. Is there any probation period for jobs ?

Normal probation period is three [3] months.  However, sometimes this period can be more than this 3 months as per the discretion of the client.

Probation period is considered completed and the candidate becomes regular purely based on excellent work performance and acceptable business-line behavior as acceptable to client.

Those candidates whose performance is below acceptable level during their probation period, they may be deported by their employers.

12. What are the working hours of ARC office.

At ARC we work for 6 days a week (starting from Monday and ending on Saturday).

Office timings are: Monday – Friday 10AM to 6PM, Saturday 10AM to 3PM.

During Ramazan we work from 9-00 AM through 3 PM daily [Monday through Thursday and Saturdays].  On Fridays our office opens at 9-00 AM an closes at 12-00 Noon.

Office shall remain closed on Sundays and Government Gazette Holidays.

For more details and appointment, please contact [021] 3431-1281 and 1282